Confidentiality, Restrictive Covenants and Enforcement Action

You have spent many years building your business into what it is today.   However, have you taken all appropriate measures to protect the business value that you have created from the threat of unfair competition from former / departing employees ? 

If not, would it really be ok if one or more of your most influential sales or customer account managers left your business to join a competing business ?  What if they also sought to use your confidential information to solicit the business of your top 5/10/20 customers for the benefit of their new employer? 

Ask yourself, what damage could your key employees do to the value of your business if that were to happen? 

Wouldn’t you want to do everything within your power now to eradicate or minimise that risk?  

With the right legal advice, you can.

Will is highly experienced in helping protect his clients’ businesses from this kind of highly damaging unfair competition and from the misuse of his clients’ confidential information.   

Will has repeatedly helped his clients obtain the benefit of some of the most powerful and targeted Orders for interim relief that are available from the High Court.   These injunction Orders stop former employees and their new businesses / employers in their tracks; preventing further unfair competition, restraining any further dealings with customers and stopping any further misuse of his clients’ confidential information.   These remedies can prove crucial for affected businesses and the injunctions come with a ‘penal notice’ – those who break the terms risk committal to prison for contempt of court. 

Don’t wait until the crisis hits your business:  There are plenty of preventative and protective measures that Will can help you implement within your business.   

Contact Will today to find out how he can help.   


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