Circumstances can often arise where it is neither practical nor appropriate for internal workplace investigations to be carried out ‘in-house’.  That may be because of concerns of actual or potential conflicts of interests, or lack of personnel with the correct skills or experience or the decision to use an external investigator may often be driven by legal advice from the employer’s solicitors. 

Finding an investigator who is well equipped to deal with all the challenges of conducting fair and reasonable workplace investigations at a senior level is not always straightforward.  In serious cases, it will be beneficial and advisable  to engage an independent lawyer for the investigation .

Will Clayton is highly skilled in the conduct of complex workplace investigations into matters of serious misconduct or professional misconduct. 

Some examples of Will’s work in this area includes:

  • investigating allegations of fraud by the chair of trustees of a major charity
  • investigating the misuse of employee settlement agreements by human resources
  • investigating allegations of bullying and harassment by a senior member of staff within a logistics company
  • investigating complaints of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race and religious belief within an insurance business
  • investigating allegations of sexual harassment by a director in a high-end retail business.

Will has also designed a bespoke investigations training course which he has delivered to well over 500 HR professionals and people managers.

If you are an employer or a legal adviser and would like to speak to Will with a view to engaging him to carry out an investigation for you or your client, contact Will today to find out how he can help. 

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